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About us

ProSource Veterinary Supplier specializes in bridging the gap between the veterinarian world and the manufacturer. As Veter.Sut's exclusive North American distributor we set up an account with your location and offer direct drop shipping from the manufacturer facility to your door. All products ship directly from the manufacturer's facilities to eliminate part of the supply chain. This gives our clients the best direct prices and service on all your suture needs. With over 35 years of combined experience, ProSource Vet, will provide you with the the best products and advice.


About Veter.Sut

Veter.Sut uses high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing process that maintain quality as well as safety. This gives our customers a high-quality, high-performance product and peace of mind that their patients are being taken care of. We hold international certifications that help to guarantee quality. Veter.Sut is FDA registered, ISO 13485 and ISO9001 certified. 

3 decision Factors in working with us

Initial Tensile Strength

Initial tensile strength is the resistance of the surgical suture at the time of implantation. This resistance should be similar to the fabric in which it is used. Therefore, the surgeon must consider how long a tissue will need to heal and the forces exerted on the tissue (and, therefore, the sutures) during healing.

Security Knot

The safety of the knot is also an important factor, it tends to improve as the diameter decreases. However, the suture of a diameter too small will not be so strong in larger patients. The size of the veterinary surgical suture should be based on the tissue being stitched and on the size of the animal. The number of shots needed to make a secure knot also varies with each suture and pattern material (interrupted vs. continuous).

Suture Management

Multifilament veterinary surgical suture materials tend to be easier to flex, manipulate and knot compared to monofilament suture materials. The handling characteristics can be more important when choosing the ideal suture material for fine and coordinated procedures, such as microvascular surgery. Non-absorbable suture materials are usually less reactive than absorbable suture materials, but they will potentially remain permanently in the tissues. Multifilament suture materials are more prone to infection than monofilaments since they can harbor bacteria.


Our Team

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Mike Zangari

National Sales Director

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John Panagiotopoulos

National Sales Director

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Paul Rosell

National Sales Director

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Riccardo Massana

National Sales Director

Our Team
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